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Instantaneous Phase, Lambda-Rho, Spectral Kurtosis, and Sweetness - these are just a few of the creative, mysterious names bestowed on attributes - characteristics of seismic data derived from pre- and post-stack data.

While your asset team may view attributes with skepticism, others gravitate to their favorites. Some geophysicists even claim to have secret combinations of attributes that predict porosity, or gas, or even production rates.  They will give you a sly look as they reveal in hushed tones that they’ve discovered the attribute elixir that solves all their company’s problems in the (fill in the blank) play. 

Serious academic studies have given us some direction regarding the physical (geological) meaning of certain attributes. But how confident can we be in our particular play, zone or seismic volume that they work at all – and, if they do, to what extent?

This webinar is here to help. Boost your attribute confidence!  Learn what constitutes an ‘attribute’.  Learn how to make your own.  And, most importantly, learn how to make meaningful predictions from whatever attributes you happen to have on hand.

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Originally recorded November 21st, 2019
Duration 54:01

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