What's new with QI-Pro?

Release 4.2 includes an exciting feature that moves our software a step closer to real-time decision making with seismic attributes.

We call it Virtual Volumes and it allows users to interpret in crossplot space using seismic attributes that don’t exist. We now incorporate an equation editor that uses existing volumes such as P-impedance and S-impedance, or any other attributes you have, to create mathematical representations of new volumes on demand.

Equations can be as complex or as simple as you like. There is no difference in the way you assign cutoffs or interpret in QI-Pro. Virtual volumes can be used any way real volumes can, even in Attribute Advisor.

We've also incorporated a feature that many of our users have asked for – the ability to overlay wiggles on the classified volume. Any attribute, including a virtual volume, can be overlain as a wiggle (with or without fill) for QC of horizons, or comparison with your interpreted classes.

Learn more about these features and the many other additional enhancements in QI-Pro 4.2.

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