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SeisWare is an important technology partner for Sound QI. Sound QI leverages SeisWare’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to externally connect QI-Pro to SeisWare software applications. This will allow SeisWare software users to select and transfer data from their projects into QI-Pro’s interactive, crossplotting environment, ensuring easy, on-the-fly interpretation updates between the two products. Join us as we walk through our QI-Pro SeisWare Connector.

  • Load your SeisWare volumes in QI-Pro
  • Load logs, curves, tops, horizons, directional surveys
  • Deliver classified volumes from QI-Pro to SeisWare
  • Maintain your color bars across projects
  • Leverage all the attributes created in SeisWare
  • Share the insights gained from QI-Pro including VV


Laurie Weston - A geophysicist on a mission to discover meaning from data.  Her degree in physics, early role as a seismic data processor, 15 years as an interpreter in various basins around the world, and innate curiosity have all aligned in Sound QI.

Marko Gauk – A client care specialist with a deep knowledge of G&G Marko helps many of SeisWare’s clients quickly get their projects working so they can build new insights into their subsurface.

Video Attributes:
Originally recorded May 26th, 2019
Duration 27:00

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