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SAGA Wisdom

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SAGA provides a premium on-demand training experience for oil and gas technical professionals. They use only the best instructors, content, and technology, for the purpose of increasing applied competency for their subscribers. SAGA’s fully transcribed content includes competency testing and quick references that assist and drive the user’s learning journey.

Practical QI

Join Laurie Weston as she delivers a masterclass in Quantitative Interpretation. The course is called Practical QI.

Traditional seismic processing involves “stacking” seismic traces.  Although useful in reducing noise, this procedure eliminates valuable information contained within the “pre-stack” seismic volume.  In this course, students will learn how to use pre-stack seismic data and rock physics to determine rock properties and classify lithologies.  Unique properties within a zone of interest can then be correlated to production performance to drive field development planning.

SAGA's Platform

  • Masterclass instructors
  • Web delivered content
  • Competency testing
  • Fully transcribed video content
  • Integrated analytics to drive learning across a team

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